Children learning to use computers at early age

Children are learning to use computers at a very early age Today Many children begin to use computers at on early age. E-ven if computers are not available in their home, children almost certainly Will begin to come into contact with computers in school. Some adults are amazed by how readily like children use computers. But the use of computer in chidren can have advantages and disadvantages. Most primary grades children use computers for entertainment purposes and games.

But it does not mean they only use of computers. Aso use it for accessing Information, as well as for riting stories. And research papers it can also «Teach the same Swp to p age Old stuff in a thinly d’ 1980). Another positive reas presentations, gain a or to tal or PACE 1 ora me Old way»‘ (Papert to use computers. ent, to create then have friends talk with their family and other people or to use many other software.

In»Negative Effect of Computer On Children» (mar 28,2011 ,Kristie Jernigan). There are the negative ways to use computers. Children can be even more susceptible than adult developing eye discomfort fatigue headaches and blurred visión or when they nter to pages or websites which are only for adults or when they use it to see violence videos or to browse information they are not supposed to browse.

The solution for evading some incident with the computer and the children is that they need to be superuised when they are using it by there parents or other adult. Also the parent can block the computer and the page with parental control for the thing they are not educative. The children parents need to give a time limit to use it. Finally, we can get alternative to educate an entertaining Our children and them we got more control of them.