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Ensayo billie elliot gy 182saIur ‘IOF6pR 16, 2011 18 pagos 2- 6- EXAM 3. CULTURA Y CIVILIZACIÓN PAÍSES ANGLÓFONOS. MODERN BRITISH CULTURE IN FILMS Billy Elli0t A heart-warming, Slig y Sv. iR to is the story about an with his dad, older br brother work in the age drama, Billy Elliot s in a mining village h his father and n strike. Billy takes boxing lessons, because his father gave him a boxing gloves that belonged to his father and to his grandfather before, but isn’t very happy about it. Instead, he falls for the girl’s ballet lessons.

When his family finds out about him dropping boxing for ballet, they get rustrated because his father despite the fact that he is on strike he gave Billy every week fifteen pennies for his lesson. With help from his ballet teacher, Miss Wilkinson, Billy practices and gets an opportunity to audition for the Royal Ballet School. Now all he has to do is to persuade his father and brother. His mum has passed away some time ago, because of Billy live in a male house. The story takes place in a mining village in north-east England in 1984.

The conflic conflict in the film is that Billy gets torn between his affection for dancing, and the expectations of his family. For the culture and orking-class men Billy’s dance inclination is disconcerting and dangerous. The stereotype about of «feminine» and «masculine» is What is put into stake in this story that tell us about the fight that a child keeps against stereotypes and prejudices of his people, their own culture and his own family. However, and the end Billy’s father realizes that Billy is an excellent dancer, and he even turns on his strike mates and prepares to go back to work.

After being persuaded by Tony, he rejects this idea, and goes back to strike. Instead, he pants his wife’s jewellery to get money for Billy’s ballet audition in London. I would say there are two, maybe even three stories In «Bllly Elliot». One of them is the obvious one about Billy discovering his passion for dancing. The issue of strike is the backdrop to the story The pickets, the struggle with the strikebreakers, the dispute between father and son forms face the struggle. («Even since Mom died you are not the same. ). he difficulties of dialogue and expression of tenderness of the men (father and older brother) is underscored by, silences, gestures and dialogue choppy. Billy needs to talk about the death of his mother and he approaches through her mother played piano. We can see this in different moments in the film for example: «Mom had given me permission t 20F 18 see this in different moments in the film for example: «Mom had given me permission to play the piano «; when he asks his brother: «Do you think about death? ; when he is drinking milk and imagine his mother saying him not to drink milk in the bottle… The third story, if you may even call it a story, is about Michael, Billy’s friend. He’s discovering that he’s more interested in Billy than in the girls at school, and he tries on his murn’s dress and make-up. Billy supports him, and doesn’t make fun of him. In the last scene, we see Michael together with his boyfriend, waiting in excitement to watch Billy’s performance. From my point of View the simplicity and sensitivity of the narrative, becomes the film in an enjoyable and beautiful experience.

I feel very identify with the story of this film, when I was younger wanted to study Journalism, my parents did not want me to be a journalist, we live in a Small town where everybody want their children became government employees, tried to explain them my situation, but they did not understand, they said me that I am not enough good, because am a little bit hy, I not have any contact despite I said but am going to study hard to try to be a good journalist they did not understand, love Bllly because he fights for his dreams, I did not make in that moment, because was fear What if I have chosen that career and I would not find a jab, my parents would say me «We told you». Although am not very 8 career and would not find a job, my parents would say me «We told you». Although am not very agree with the message that transmit this film because they show how Billy is the best dancer, but ifyou are not the best you can • t fight for reach your dreams? I think that this message is ambiguous, seems to underline that «success» in individual parameters as a «career» is the powerful reason to break down prejudices but just success justifies changes? . Anyway lave this film and have watched it a lot of times.

I would say that colors in the film are typical English, very mellow and grayish. The effect is that they create a rather sad atmosphere. It seems to me like it’s early autumn when the story begins, and the colors emphasise this. The sad and a bit boring colors make it seem like the film is almost in Slow motion, and the story gets stretched out to some extent. Other culture aspects s that in England father want their children become boxers in Spain fathers want their children become football players. This film tries to end with British stereotyped tea and crumpets. Moreover shows the fashlon for year to portray the north of England as a hard done by hard nosed area.

In this film we can find a predominate British cast, the aspects of the cast is British, sorne background story talked about British problem in this case the UK Miners’ Strike, the film shows too Thatcherism and the «restructuring’i applied to industrial activities of great roo 40F 18 film shows too Thatcherism and the «restructuring» applied to ndustrial activities of great roots in northern England, but without viability future or return, helps us to know the devastating effects of industrial policies of the First Minister Margaret Thatcher. The film also helps us to understand the social class that exist in UK (we can see the difference between Billy’s house and Misses Wilkinson’s house), the British society has often been considered to be divided into three main groups of classes: the Upper Class, the Middle Class and the Lower or Working Class.

The soundtrack is and aspect really important in the film tao, we can listen some lassical pieces of music and some rock pieces, talking about classical the most important is Swan Cake, on the other hand the rock pieces most important are song created by T. Rex, an English rock band fronted by guitarist, Singer and songwriter Marc Bolan which was listening by hippies and working class. The British films, nowadays has developed a line oriented political and social issues. Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, Stephen Frears have been critical exponents to the policy made by Margaret Thatcher who tried to drive capitalist restructuring. For Slavoj Zizek this film represent the disintegration of the masculine identity of the Old orking class, and express «The loss of interest that the pollcy suffers nowadays. The film is set during the UK miners’ strike (1984-1985) was a major industrial action nowadays. » The film is set during the UK miners’ strike (1984- 1985) was a major industrial action affectlng the British coal industry. It was a defining moment in British industrial relations, and its defeat significantly weakened the British Trades Union Movement. It was also seen as a major political and ideological victory for Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative party. The strike became a symbolic struggle, since the National Union f Mineworkers (NIJM) was if not the strongest then one of the strongest in the country, viewed by many, including Conservatives in power, as having brought down the Heath government in its 1974 strike.

The strike ended with the miners’ defeat and the Thatcher government able to consolidate its free market programme. The political power ofthe NUM was broken permanently. The dispute exposed deep divisions in British society and caused considerable bitterness, especially in Northern England and in South Wales. Ten deaths resulted from events around the strike: Six pickets, three teenagers searching or Coal, and a taxi driver taking a non-striking miner to work. In the film the representation ofthe strike is a problem, in the movie, policemen gambol unmolested on the village green as they wait to escort the next shift of strike-breakers into the pit. The film’s coppers never speak, which was certainly not the case in real life.

Easington, where Billy Elliot was filmed, was rife with «intimidatoryi’ police tactics—wome 60F 18 Easington, where Billy Elliot was filmed, was rife with «intimidatory» police tactics—women and children were verbally harassed, drivers were picked up and questioned—that hardly ibe with the movie’s pastoral idyll in What is probably the movie’s most unrealistic scene, Jacky—who’s stressed out about raising the cash to get Billy down to London for his Royal Ballet School audition—casually decides to break the strike, boards a bus full of scabs, and heads off to do a shift underground. Tony sees him on the bus and, along with five friends, climbs over the unprotected (not even barbed wire! fence onto mine property to talkJacky into keeping the faith. Although there was an element of formalized protest in the eggings, name-calling, and physical Intimidation of scabs by strikers, if it had been that asy to get near the mines, there would have been a lot more violence and vandalism_ As it is, two miners were killed on picket lines and more than 1 1 ,000 people were arrested during the strike. Although shows the dificult times that was for working class who try to get a better situation, but they need money to survive so they come back to work, Billy’s family despite of they were strikers they decided come back to work to save money for Billy.

In this time in Spain we can find a lot of changes, before the dead of Franco in 1975 Juan Carlos I was proclaimed King of Spain, Adolfo Suarez was named president, but the economic situation as terrible, the unem King of Spain, Adolfo Suarez was named president, but the economic situation was terrible, the unemployment was really loud, in 1977 Spain took part of European Union. But in Spain the biggest problem came from the countryside, we can compare the striker miners with the Agrarian Reform, Spain use to be a agricultural country, we can find too three social class tao, befare and now, the workers was subjugated by their owners, they manage the countryside but the countryside was not own. Even nowadays population makes strikes to claim their rights because we are in the middle of an economic crisis so the workers are who uffer most this situation. Employers are dismissed and who are not dismissed their salaries are small.

In Billy Elliot we can find different character, the most important is Billy Elliot; then we can name his father, Jackie Elliot is an unstable character in every sense of his life (he is a widower, his work is wrong However, he suffers one of the biggest changes in the film. First he does not accept the wish of Billy, but then he accepts it and gives him all his need. He has a very close minded, in fact he admits not having ever gone to London simply «because there are no mines», but finally opposed their own beliefs, giving up he strike of miners trying to help his son, who is discovering the artistic genius of his dead ‘Nife; Tony Elliot (the brother) meets the saying «like father, like son» and works with his father in the mine 18 Elliot (the brother) meets the saying «like father, like son» and works with his father in the mine, and is one ofthe major revolutionaries against the political system.

Billy says about his brother he is a «queer» and opposes it continues dancing, but finally seeing the efforts of Billy and the transformation in his father and supports him in his own way; Mrs. Wilkinson (the teacher) is a middle-aged woman, and few professional rojections, sees the attraction of Billy to dance and after some skepticism, decides to give lessons hidden from his father and brother. His family is a mess. It is alsa a key role, as is the typical figure of the mentor failed, which Will project all their desires and frustrations of the Young Billy. In addition, the teacher-student relatlonship between them establlshed is an emotionally charged.

Its transformation into the story is based on that overcomes her fears, her need for [ove (but not excessive maternal), his desire to do something important in life and pours its hopes on the passing f Billy; Grandma requires permanent care not to lose, it appears as a mirror of the absent female presence. his grandmother- dependent, it is however, the production of tenderness; Debbie Wilkinson (daughter of the teacher and, in some way, a friend of Billy) is a girl with Sharp mind and a bit of cynicism, she scoffs at the beginning of the likes of Bllly but she supports him. She does not have enough attention from their parents, w likes of Billy but she supports him.

She does not have enough attention from thelr parents, who see her as a girl who does not understand things, being the exact opposite. It is the antithesis of Billy. And somehow ends up feeling jealous of her mother’s relationship with Billy, an act for which she does not give to her mother the message that he can t be submitted to a test and finally Michael Caffrey (Billy’s friend) represents the shame of the society they live in, a guy with homosexual tendencies who shuts himself and hides his sexual orientation. He sees in Billy a hero who reveals himself to society, and, if the point is shown dressed as a woman befare it could demonstrate the confidence that has earned its value.

Billy’s departure to London could mean a blow to Michael, seeing himself alone in a town that does not accept Your guidance, but Billy says goodbye with a kiss on the cheek, knowing that that act is worth more than any wo ds, it gives you to show such support is, without fear of What they might saya There are characters that are specific «‘types» in Billy Elliott, as far as can see. All the characters develop throughout the film, and we can see that they are different than they were when the film first started. Even the grandma, who seems a bit out of it most of the time, seems to understand the fact that Billy is leaving to be a professional dancer, and she’s going to miss him. A good example of a developing character is Billy’s fat