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Music gy FerGaIIardo 02, 2010 2 pagos The influence ofthe Music The music has its origins since the creation of the universe. God created music for the creatures of the earth to worship him. gut now, over the years we can see how this expression of gratitude has become in many ways an abomination. Whit the appearance of new kind of music, this can be seen as a positive or negative influence on the lives of people.

First of all, we know that music is an art more valued by society nd is the most presence has on the development of Our daily lives. The music has a strong influence on our lives, feelings, emotions, etc.. , it can change Our state of mind making us feel sad, happy, elated, among other types psychological and physical PACE 1 ora reactions. Music is used to increase the imagination and the knowledge in babies and psychologists to down the stress level of the people. It has a lot of uses entertainment, hobby, art and others.

The music is the best way of expression, we can transmit whatever we want and it•s a problem because exist a lot of music with subliminal messages of death and violence, the principal problem is that all the people have access to the different kind of music like heavy metal, death metal, etc. In conclusion, we can use the music like an expression art transmitting feelings, emotions and all those things. It can be used to transmit happiness but it at the same time sadness. Fernando Gallardo