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Presente gy davidius Ac•Ka5pA 02, 2010 2 pagcs Instructions: Choose the right word. Q1 – He’s worked there he left college. [pic]for [pic]since Q2 – l’ve known her Q3 Its been open Q4- lived there ages. last month several years. Q5 – She’s studied here Q6 – havent seen th two ears. ora to View nut*ge when have you been allowed to do that? Q8 – l’ve been waiting Q9 – have been waiting twenty minutes. midday Q10 – TheyAve known about it brackets. They She You John Mary We The rain speak) with the boss. not/eat) anything. (forget) my phone number. (make) a mistake. (not/shut) the door. (work) very hard. ( not/hear) from Mary- (not/learn) anything. (break) a cup. (remember) Ann’s birthday. (not/stop) (note’ see) Mary today. 3. Form sentences in the present perfect tense using the elements in parentheses. Use contractions where appropriate. He – She her clothes. (wash/ already) some detergent. ( borrow / just) her clothes. (finish/ drying) et/already)