Sunk in sacramento

Sunk in sacramento gyChancIDiua ‘IOA6pR 16, 2011 2 pagos MANAGERIAL COMMUNICATION SKILLS SUNK IN SACRAMENTO In this task my purpose should be to confirme them my skills and to let Hausman and the Director know that I can do it and know well What l’m working at so they can trust in my capabilities. If I have to answer at the e-mail send me by Hausman I would like to make sure that the Director of the North American Will get my message too (using the cc tao).

Even if I think that a phone call could be more efficient and direct Will answer by e-mail to be sure that both Hausman and the Director receive the same message. I Will write the e-mail just in the moment I receive the second one from Hausman to make them know exactl what I think about it to next page before the shows an can anticipate my Will I decide to write a sh Clear with them so th ask me because I thi ora d e-ma Iv o care. In this case, message to be more

Will do as Hausman has new researches and have to do as a superior tell me. My e-mail Will be this one: Dear Mr. Hausman, Ilm glad you think I can realize more distribution of material than the other times. Of course Mr. Compton and always made the sells based on Our marketing research with great reasults for the Company. If yau think that your new researches make us more attractive to the customer’s eyes so they defenelly do even if at the start I was sceptical.

Since my internship at CMI I work on the software and I analyze all the details about the possible customers so l’m pretty sure we can do it and Will do my best to make it real. l’ve develop sorne new ideas to make them more interesting on Our product, those ideas come out from my studies at BTIJ and I think it could working; l’m going to integrate the new ones with the olders. I let you know as soon as the show finish sure that I Will do the task you ask me. Regards, Silvia Scarrone Marketing Coordlnator of CMI