Teen sex

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Teen sex gy mcIry14 ,qcza6pR 03, 2010 4 pagos Exposition: Teen Sex Teen Sex in Puerto Rico is alarming. Ninety percent (90%) of Our teenagers have already experienced sex. gach year more girls get pregnant. What has been the consequences? More and more teens have been infected with various sexual transmitted deceases such as: syphllis, gonorrhea, AIDS, herpes, hepatitis, Chlamydia, papillome, ulcers and others. Depression: Other consequences have been depression because of the peer pressure of doing things right or just providing support for their child, if possible pregnancy, or the taught of having any kind of

STDS. Economical: Also having sex at a y it may make the teen poor job opportuniti for economical supp ora S»ipe to roo o e or School focus that then have very nd on the Governor Emotional Consequences: Having sexual intercourse without protecting oneself and one’s partner from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can have serious physical and emotional consequences. Fear (anxiety, guilt) about pregnancy or disease is common. Anger (if the sex was forced or if the relationship ends) is likely. Sadness (about losing virginity or a reputation perhaps) may be felt.

Some dolescents who have had sexual intercourse feel regret and decide to postpone having furt Swlpe to vlew next page further intercourse until a later point in their lives. Also, if a parent or someone else unexpectedly learns that the teen has had sex, the parents reaction (such as disapproval, shaming, blarmng) may have negative emotlonal consequences for the teen. For most people, intimate relationships come with many emotional consequences, positive and negative. Teens, as well as adults, have to understand their own values, needs, and priorities – and choose wisely for themselves.

A sizeable percentage of teenagers had passed thru negative consequences such as feeling used, getting pregnant, contracting a sexually transmitted infection, or feeling bad about themselves. Girls are more than twice as likely as boys to say they felt bad about themselves. Girls are also more than three times as likely to say they felt used as a result of having sex. Boys are more likely to say their popularity rose when they became sexually active. Attitude/lgnorance: The teenage years may be particularly trying for years to parents and children about their sexuality, for the first time in their lives.

Raging hormones and a newfound sense of independence may induce teens to act in ways that are irresponsible. The worst repercussion of this could be a teenage pregnancy. Early teens have sex in an age, less likely to show delinquent behavior, in early adulthood as their fellow age, waited until they likely to show delinquent behavior, in early adulthood as their fellow age, waited until they were older to have sex. Early sex may play a role in helping teens develop better social relatlonships in early adulthood. Early teen sex to later drug use, criminality, antisocial behavior and emotional consequences auses the attitude in a youngster.

Mental Health: The majority of teens did not experience depression as a result of first time sex, some did those being the youngest teens (girls who had sex before age 15 and boys who had sex before 14) and whose relationship was not emotionally close and dissolved after sex. Glrls in this group were particularly vulnerable to depression. Being female or younger than the average age at first-time sex among your peers increases the chance of depression, as does a lack of commitment or intimacy within the relationship and what happens to the relationship after first-time sex.

For girls in uncommitted relationships, ending a relationship with sex has more of an impact on mental health than ending that same relationship if it did not involve sex. When teens turn to risky sexual behavior to cope with their feelings it creates many of What we consider Our society’s ills: teen pregnancy, abortion, sexually transmitted disease, and the breakdown of traditional marriage and family. Teens are not usually mature enough to cope with the very real risks and 3Lvf4 marriage and family. Teens are not usually mature enough to cope with the very real risks and responsibilities of sexual ehavior.

Selfesteem/»l_ove»: Broken down to a very simple level, these conditions all stem from depression and Iow self-esteem. These teens feel badly about themselves and desperately need lave and approval. The intimate feelings of sex feel like expressions of love. Teenage girls may also seek to fill emptiness in their lives by intentionally getting pregnant so that they may have a child to ‘ove. Conclusion I have come to conclude that teen sex is mostly a rebel thing, an act of attention, and the result that it can cause when it’s unprotected and unsafe.

The best way to prevent these mental nd emotional suffering is to have sexual abstinence even though I didn’t. That’s why can advice you some good in saying you’ll get hurt, not only physically, I mostly mean emotionally because these caused me Iow self esteem, it makes you uncomfortable With Your body and as llke me you Will miss havingyour virginity back. Teen Sex should be watched over and taken very seriously. Remember, when you have sex for the wrong reasons you hurt yourself! There is no right or wrongway to have intercourse but if it hurts, or if it doesn’t feel right emotionally, you should stop right away.